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Ansys is an engineering simulation software. It was founded I 1970. Its Early Name was Swanson Analysis Systems Inc. (SASI) and was converted to Ansys 1994. Its primary purpose was to develop and market finite element analysis software for structural physics that could simulate static (stationary), dynamic (moving) and heat transfer (thermal) problems.
ANSYS enables to simulate tests or working conditions, enables to test in virtual environment before manufacturing prototypes of products. Furthermore, determining and improving weak points, computing life and foreseeing probable problems are possible by 3D simulations in virtual environment. ANSYS can carry out advance engineering analyses quickly, safely and practically by its variety of contact algorithms, time based loading features and nonlinear material models.
ANSYS software with its modular structure as seen in the table below gives an opportunity for taking only needed features. ANSYS can work integrated with other used engineering software on desktop by adding CAD and FEA connection modules.
ANSYS Workbench is platform which integrate simulation technologies an parametric CAD systems with unique automation and performance. ANSYS has helped manufacturers, medical personnel, teacher, researchers and other meet the challenges they face every day with confidence. ANSYS is becoming highly demanded simulation software in India.

  • Introduction.
  • Introduction of FEM.
  • Preprocessor.
  • Element Type.
  • Boundary and loading Conditions.
  • Structural Analysis.
  • Liner Static analysis of trusses.
  • Introduction of Modeling.
  • Introduction of Meshing.
  • Thermal Analysis.
  • Report Generation.
  • Products Design cycle.
  • About ANSYS.
  • Soild Modeling.
  • Material Properties.
  • Post-processing.
  • Undergraduates willing to excel their
  • careers in design simulation.
  • Post graduates who wants to be the
  • expertise in R&D simulation.

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