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Estimation and costing is an essential part of building construction and accurate forecasting the cost of future projects is an important skill for civil engineers and cost estimators.
Quantity Take off is the software by Autodesk, which helps you perform a takeoff on an entire building information model in just minutes-as opposed to days using traditional methods. The software provides greater flexibility than typical database or spreadsheets, enabling a smoother, more accurate work-flow for cost estimators.
Quantity Take off can take advantage of digital property data means it can automatically calculate quantities from a drawing results in reduction of manual tedious efforts and errors. For example it can measure length of wall and automatic deduct doors and windows area from it. Its interoperability with Cad platform makes this easy task for most user.
Quantity take off can create detailed materials reports much faster than paper-based processes. It can keep workflow digital and help ensure that reports, materials quantities, and other data remain up to data.

At cad desk we will make you expert in the following topics: 
  • Estimation.
  • Take off tools.
  • Manual takeoff tools.
  • Automatic take off tools.
  • Organizing projects.
  • Work breakdown.
  • Structure.
  • Area takeoff tools.
  • Catalog
  • Create catalog.
  • DWG Image creation
  • Civil engineers

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